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SemenSPY® Deluxe Edition Complete Kit


The SemenSPY® Deluxe Edition includes a UV light to help you scan and locate seminal fluid stains that would be otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

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SemenSPY® Deluxe Edition

  • Includes Two Test Packs, Each Test Pack Can Test Multiple Articles

  • SemenSPY® UV Light

  • Two Testing Methods Included

  • Two Sealed PSA Cartridges, Desiccants, & Pipettes

  • Two Transfer Pipettes

  • Two Clear Micro Tubes

  • One 2-Pack of Sterile Sealed Swabs

  • Two Aqua-Colored Micro Tubes with Special Solution

  • Disposable Scalpel & Cutting Mat

  • One Pair Non-Latex Gloves

  • Alcohol Wipe

  • Sealable Evidence Bag

  • Additional Refills Available For Only $29.95

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