Signs of Infidelity

Infidelity can be an extremely sensitive and emotionally painful subject.

If you’ve noticed some of the following signs of infidelity, you may wish to gather your own evidence before making an accusation. While dealing with infidelity and partner mistrust can be very difficult, you still deserve to know the truth. If your spouse is working a lot of overtime with limited contact, or spending excessive amounts of time on their computer or phone while at home, these may be an indication of infidelity.

Other signs of infidelity include additional mileage on the car, smells of unfamiliar perfume, excessive use of cologne or alcohol, or a sudden increase in time spent with new friends. Your partner may not be wearing their wedding ring as often, or may be distracted and irritable while they are with you. Their desire in the bedroom may go down, as well, or they may become overly critical of you, picking fights to potentially avoid intimacy. You may notice that they’re spending significantly more time at the gym, dieting, or buying new clothing. While these aren’t always signs of cheating, many of these behaviors together cause suspicion in even the most trusting partner. Set your mind to rest, and let SemenSPY® help you get answers you deserve.

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