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marital infidelity

catch cheating spouseIf your mate, partner, or significant other is doing any or all of the following, they may be cheating on you. You deserve the truth!

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  Working lots of overtime
  Excessive use of the Internet
  Additional mileage on the car
  Hanging out with new friends
  Smells of perfume, cologne, or alcohol
  Hiding phone or cell-phone bill
  Using a pager
  No longer interested in sex
  No longer wearing a wedding ring
  Saying "I need space"
  Sudden increase in time away from home
  Often distracted and daydreaming
  Not returning phone calls in a timely fashion
  Asking about your schedule more than usual
  Getting his or her laundry done independently
  Using more sexual enhancement medians
  Paying more attention to clothes and accessories
  More interested in trying new things sexually than before
  Less attentive
  Less interested in family issues
  Has more cash on hand than usual
  Has unexplained receipts or personal effects in wallet
  Has unexplained payments on bank statement
  Has gas credit card receipts from gas stations at uncommon locations
  Getting suspicious phone messages
  Making unusually long phone calls
  Visiting unusual sites on the Internet
  Getting uncommon e-mail messages
  Becomes nervous when watched when on the phone or computer

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